Published: 6 years ago

Church at the Ballpark Remix

Let’s stretch this out just a bit longer…if you didn’t see the recap in one of our weekend services, here’s a link to it, courtesy of the lovely and talented Josh Sliffe:   Church at the Ballpark from Josh Sliffe on Vimeo.

Published: 7 years ago


Photo credit: Brian Fleming Photography (Except for the first three photos. Those were taken by me with the help of Steve Jobs.)

Published: 7 years ago

The Ministry of Chilling Out

We’re too doggone busy. We max out our schedules, stay too long at the office, try to cram too much in our off hours, and microwave our pop tarts. But nowhere do we exemplify “busy” more than at church. Specifically, the Summit Church. Specifically, …

Published: 7 years ago

Church at the Ballpark

You can’t really live in the Triangle area and not know about Church at the Ballpark. For the first time in a long time, the Summit Church will gather together in one location for worship. All of our campuses from across the Raleigh-Durham area …

Published: 7 years ago

What We’ve Forgotten

There are so many details we’ll never forget about that day: where we were when we heard the news. How we heard it. Who we were with. We’ll never forget the shock, the horror, the tears. We’ll never forget holding our kids just a …

Published: 7 years ago

Rewind: The Big Reveal

I realize that our adoption news is so last week, and I also know that some of you are afraid that this is going to turn into an adoption crusader blog. You know: the kind where I tell stories where Russell Moore and I team …

Published: 7 years ago

Trash Your Vision

I’m usually not a huge fan of chain Mexican restaurants. Oh sure, the food is usually good and my family digs ’em, so I’m there quite a bit. But overall, it’s not what I’d choose. I can’t handle the cacophony of “Welcome to our …

Published: 7 years ago

Choose Your Own Labor Day Adventure

I’ll be honest: I’m not sure I understand Labor Day. Memorial Day? I get that. Veterans Day? Yep. Independence Day, Presidents Day, even Arbor Day…those all make sense to me. But I’ve always been befuddled by Labor Day. Are we celebrating the American worker? …

Published: 7 years ago

Let’s Hear It For The Boys

This has turned into Adoption Week here on the blog, which is kind of like Shark Week, only cuter. (Although if you haven’t been exposed to Haven’s razor sharp teeth…) We’ve told Haven’s story, and told a bit of the rest of our stories …

Published: 7 years ago

Not Just Our Story

Our family is so grateful for your kindness and encouragement this week as we’ve shared Haven’s story. We’ve received messages from all over the US and around the world, and our hope is that her story – our story – has instilled in you …

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