Published: 5 years ago

Thursday Three For All

We’ve been celebrating Lazy Bum Week around the old blog, where I just put up other people’s content for your enjoyment. But since I normally do this every Thursday, we can officially say I’m no longer lazy, ’cause I’m sticking to the plan. Right? Right. 

Or at least I think so.

The Saddest Map in AmericaFor those of you who have ever fallen in love at the Wal Marts.

Yep, there it is: the result of a scholarly study by Dorothy Gambrell of the “missed connections” section of Craigslist.

Priest Performs Superhero-Themed MassesI think now we know the real reason the Pope is retiring.

He wears a special robe emblazoned with superheroes and he blesses his congregation with holy water from a Super Soaker. With violence all around them, he hopes these unconventional methods will help young people understand and relate to Jesus as a messenger of justice.

What is Love? Originally seen on my friend Michael Kelley’s blog. I dare you to make it through this without crying like a baby. May God help us all to be spouses like this.

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  1. Doug Hilliard says:

    Couldn’t do it! Great video!

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