Published: 4 years ago

Crave Community? Serve!


Recently one of our First Impressions team members moved out of state. As her team leader was conducting an “exit interview” of sorts, he asked her about the type of church she’d be looking for in her new city. Here’s what she said:

“While I’m nervous to have to look for a new church, if the Summit has taught me anything, it’s that I felt the most connected and cared for when I was serving. So thanks for the awesome example y’all have been in that for me and hopefully I can lead a ‘sent life’ when I move away.”

What this awesome volunteer learned is that serving is more than simply caring for others: it’s making sure that you’re cared for as well. Some of the strongest relationships I see at the Summit are those that are birthed out of serving shoulder to shoulder on the parking team, the seating team, the Summit Kids team…you name it. There’s something about serving together that builds trust, camaraderie, and a common purpose.

Does that mean that small groups aren’t important? Absolutely not. We say that we’re a church of small groups, not a church with small groups. Our goal is that every single person that calls the Summit home would also be a part of a smaller group of believers.

But if the passages on spiritual gifts are to be believed, believers should be serving. And as believers serve, those connections points are naturally going to be established.

What are your “I serve with my friends” stories? Comment below.

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  1. Scott Swanek says:

    Great post, Danny! When I first came to the Summit, we were at Riverside. The feeling of being alone that comes with joining a new church was magnified by seeing so many people who enjoyed being with one another, yet being “on the outside”. At the time, it seemed impossible to meet people. So I volunteered for the “set up” team. The first morning, I met about fifteen people, then even more the second week. With so many new ministries now, there are many more ways to meet people and get engaged.

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