Published: 4 years ago

Flashback Friday: SwerveRDU

We’re right in the middle of ServeRDU 2014, which makes it a perfect time to whip out this gem from a few years back…


If you’re a Summit peep, you know that this week is ServeRDU, one of the biggest focal points of the year for community outreach.  Yesterday, I worked as a “ground roofer” at the Durham Rescue Mission, helping de-shingle one of their houses, because de-shingling happens to be one of my spiritual gifts.

About an hour into the job, one of the DRM guys moved the old shingle truck up a few feet to let the new shingle truck come in.  (Cue Brian Regan log truck routine here.)  After he got out, the truck…well, let’s just say the truck wasn’t quite ready to be stop.  Here’s how that went down…

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