Published: 3 years ago

Flashback Friday: Boom! Roasted.

Every Friday I dig into the archives and dust off an old post. If you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!

Today is my pastor’s 42nd birthday. I can think of no finer tribute to him than this video, which our team put together a few years back.

We have one of the most fun staff cultures of any church I’ve ever seen. If you don’t have a healthy sense of humor, you won’t last long around this joint. (You sort of have to laugh to cope with some of the things you get to deal with in ministry.) We’re a family, and like a family, we trade off a lot of good-natured teasing. We’ve learned that we love each other best when we are poking fun at each other.

That’s why we had such a great time shooting the following video in honor of our lead pastor. J.D. gives us tons of…um…material to work with, and we put that on display on Monday night during a dinner for the “original 300” of the Summit Church.

Editor’s note: the views expressed in this video do not necessarily represent the views of those who would like to keep their jobs.

[special thanks to the incredibly talented Josh Sliffe for putting this together!]

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