Published: 2 years ago

To Boldly Go…

…where just about every man, woman, and child has gone before. (Seriously. This ain’t uncharted territory. Errybody and their mama has already beaten me to it.)

That’s right, kiddies: I’m talking about Facebook, that bastion of social media mirthery where you can keep up with people you didn’t like in high school, get completely ticked off about your dentist’s insane political views, and click LIKE which EQUALS 1 PRAYER or SHARE which EQUALS 10 PRAYERS and HEY HERE’S A PICTURE OF PALE JESUS HOLDING A BUNNY. WHY DON’T YOU COPY IT TO EVERYONE TO PROVE YOU LOVE HIM.

This month marks the eighth anniversary of this blog and the seventh anniversary of ye olde Twitter account. So in order to celebrate properly, I figured it was time to branch out to yet another online hangout. (And since my preferred username was already taken up on MySpace, I was left with few options.)

You can now head into Mr. Zuckerberg’s world and like my new Facebook page. (I’m user #1,075,344,981, just in case you’re interested.) It’s another place for us to be able to connect and share some conversations about guest services, volunteer culture, and leadership development. If you’re so inclined, feel free to share that beauty with your friends that might be interested. Or friends that you just want to spam. Or your dentist with the wingnut voting preferences. Whatever.

Oh, and hey: since we’re apparently doing commercials today, let me add one more. Because July is such big doings, anniversary-wise, I have a big giveaway coming up in the next couple of weeks. Keep your dials tuned to the channel of your preference, and get ready for a freebie.

See y’all on the Facebook side.

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