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Thursday Three For All

It’s Thursday, kiddies: the day when I roll out a few things I’ve been reading over the past week. Three of ‘em, to be exact. Enjoy. (Remember: click on the big bold print to read the entire article.)


Embracing Church Unity And Variety (Change The Seasoning, Keep The Chicken)

(via @KarlVaters) I’m a big fan of the lemon pepper, personally.

If I’ve learned anything in spending time with pastors from almost every denomination over the last few years it’s this – the church of Jesus has many flavors and each one brings something wonderful to the table.

Your preferred seasoning might be different than someone else’s, but as long as you’re honoring the Bible, worshiping Jesus, loving others and otherwise following the Great Commandment and Great Commission, you’re cooking the chicken right.


How to Maintain Team Culture During Stressful Times

(via @helpscout) We’re coming out of an insanely busy couple of months, so this article was a great reminder of why it’s so important to care for the team.

1. Ask yourself, ‘How am I showing up today?’

I used to teach toddler gymnastics. One day, in the span of 10 minutes, one child got bit, and another pooped his pants. It sucked. Part of me knew there was no amount of screaming on my part that was going to un-bite Kid One or magically clean up Kid Two’s mess, but every part of me wanted to yell and bolt out the door. Instead I smiled (through clenched teeth), found some help, and got to work.

That day I learned an important lesson: You control how you show up every day. The attitude you choose to bring to a messy situation will affect you and the people around you, so make it count. There’s no attitude that will magically make cleaning up poop a fun job, but it can make a world of difference in the lessons you take away from a situation.


Kid Has Traumatizing Llama Experience at Safari Park

(via @premiumfunny) This just proves the kind of terrible parent (and human) that I am. I find this hilarious.


photo credit: Jason Mathis

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