Published: 12 months ago

Flashback Friday: Why We Don’t Use The “V-Word”

Every Friday I dig into the archives and dust off an old post. If you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!


My family is going through a season where we have to watch our language. We have a two year old politeness monitor who has been told that she can’t say “stupid.” So every time I say “stupid” (because let’s face it: sometimes things really are stupid), I hear, “No Daddy, you not say that” in a hushed, condescending tone that is usually reserved for, say, a presidential debate moderator.

(I would point out to her that the correct sentence is “No Daddy, you shouldn’t say that,” but I’m afraid she’ll call me stupid.)

Just as “stupid” is a word that’s not allowed in our house (unless something really is stupid), “visitor” is a word that we steer clear of at our church. For years, it’s fallen on me to be the resident language cop, making sure that we’re calling people “guests” rather than the dreaded V-word.

So why does “guest” trump “visitor”?


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