Published: 3 weeks ago

Top Ten Quotes: Creativity, Inc.

I first read this fantastic book when in came out in 2014. We recently re-read a portion of it for our staff meeting, which has generated new ideas and practices for some of our workflows. As the president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, …

Published: 2 months ago

Top Ten Quotes: Next Door As It Is In Heaven

There has been no lack of “love your neighbor” books in recent years. I’ve read a few of them, because – to be transparent – I’m not very good at loving (or in some cases, knowing) my neighbors. What I love about the new genre …

Published: 2 months ago

Top Ten Quotes: The Heart of Hospitality

There are certain authors that you know will consistently hit it out of the park. Micah Solomon is one of those guys for me. A prolific writer on the art of customer service, Micah is able to get to the core of the issue …

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