Published: 2 weeks ago

8 Tips for Better Signage

I recently read Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless by Jeffrey Gitomer. It’s a book by a salesman and for sales people, but – like all books of this stripe – there are things the church can learn and take away. One notable section …

Published: 1 month ago

Guest Services According to John the Baptist

By society’s standards, he was what grandma would’ve called “an odd bird.” He wore an ill-fitting camel hair robe and he ate honey-coated grasshoppers. He hung out in the woods a lot and implored onlookers to repent. He frequented rivers and streams and baptized …

Published: 2 months ago

The One Question That Will Change Your Guest Follow Up

When guests arrive at our church, they are giving us a gift. They are honoring us with the valuable asset of their time, and trusting us to use that time wisely. For the guest with previous church experience, they have a baseline by which …

Published: 2 months ago

First Time Guest Easter Baskets

Before you read the following post, take note that the original publication date was April 1. April. First. April Fools Day. Thank you. And carry on.     Subscribed via email or RSS feed? Click here for the video. Visit for more information.

Published: 2 months ago

There Ain’t Nothing New About Attractional Ministry

“[The] common assumption has been that the work of Christ is really prosperous only when crowds are assembled in His name, and…the supreme problem of the Christian church is how to devise a Sunday service so attractive that people cannot stay away. The service …

Published: 2 months ago

What Do You Want Your Guests To See?

In a recent post I talked about the concept of “forced experience”…thinking through what you want your guests to see and where you want them to go. While your church should be open to anyone, there are many areas of your church that shouldn’t …

Published: 2 months ago

What Expectations Are You Setting?

Imagine a scenario with me, will you? You’re out to dinner with a group of friends. It’s not a particularly huge group of people, but it’s not a small gathering either. Let’s say that there are fourteen at your table. After being seated everyone …

Published: 3 months ago

Inactivity Does Not Equal Inadequacy

We are not a waiting people. We don’t like to wait. We’re not hard-wired for it. Whether it’s DMV lines or Disney rides, test results or Taco Bell drive throughs, waiting is not something that comes easy. We don’t like to be inactive, because …

Published: 4 months ago

You Need to See Harder.

In our neighborhood we have one of those “free library” book boxes where people can drop off used books and pick up a new one. My seven year old makes regular pilgrimages to the box, because she loves to read (like her daddy). And …

Published: 4 months ago

A Tale of Two Post Offices

The United States Postal Service has taken some significant hits over the years. Rising expenses and dropping income, the delicate balance between not-really-a-government-agency and definitely-a-government-agency, the rise of email and the death of first class mail, the shuttering of many locations and curtailed hours …

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