Published: 4 weeks ago

The Fastest Way to Change Your Guest Services Culture

You don’t need to lay out a five year plan. You don’t need to bring in an outside consultant. You don’t need to invest in expensive training, read a mountain of books, or hire a ringer from another church staff to up your guest …

Published: 1 month ago

Give That First Timer A Confidence Boost

A couple of days ago I experienced a miraculous moment. Not necessarily in the spiritual / supernatural sense, though one might say it was close. I had the supreme pleasure of eating at a world-renowned barbecue joint for the first time. It’s a place …

Published: 1 month ago

You Don’t Work With Dummies

I get it. You’re the smartest person you know. No one else can do the job (whatever job!) as well as you can. If you were in charge of the world, well…she’d be a much better place. While you may never say that, it’s …

Published: 2 months ago

Getting Things Right When You Get It Wrong

So much of guest services is about getting the experience right: we proactively plan the experience, thinking through every touchpoint from the perspective of our guests. We mentally work through variables and contexts, attempting to put ourselves in the shoes of those we serve. …

Published: 2 months ago

Are You Paying Attention?

I go through drive throughs a lot. It’s not a fact that I’m necessarily proud of, but it’s a fact, nonetheless. Before I complain about drive throughs, I should mention that (a) I’ve never worked in a drive through and (b) I don’t think …

Published: 2 months ago

8 Tips for Better Signage

I recently read Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless by Jeffrey Gitomer. It’s a book by a salesman and for sales people, but – like all books of this stripe – there are things the church can learn and take away. One notable section …

Published: 3 months ago

Guest Services According to John the Baptist

By society’s standards, he was what grandma would’ve called “an odd bird.” He wore an ill-fitting camel hair robe and he ate honey-coated grasshoppers. He hung out in the woods a lot and implored onlookers to repent. He frequented rivers and streams and baptized …

Published: 3 months ago

The One Question That Will Change Your Guest Follow Up

When guests arrive at our church, they are giving us a gift. They are honoring us with the valuable asset of their time, and trusting us to use that time wisely. For the guest with previous church experience, they have a baseline by which …

Published: 4 months ago

First Time Guest Easter Baskets

Before you read the following post, take note that the original publication date was April 1. April. First. April Fools Day. Thank you. And carry on.     Subscribed via email or RSS feed? Click here for the video. Visit for more information.

Published: 4 months ago

There Ain’t Nothing New About Attractional Ministry

“[The] common assumption has been that the work of Christ is really prosperous only when crowds are assembled in His name, and…the supreme problem of the Christian church is how to devise a Sunday service so attractive that people cannot stay away. The service …

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