Published: 5 months ago

Do You Have An Event Checklist?

If you’re in ministry, you do events. In your context, an event might be a weekly Bible study, a city-wide service project, or a weekend worship service. It could be an event that involves thousands of people or just you. It might be something that …

Published: 6 months ago

Just Get Started

I started last weekend as I do many weekends…with a list. Our small group was coming over on Sunday night, and so Friday night and Saturday was scheduled with the requisite honey-dos: clean the house. Tackle the laundry. Mow the yard. Make a path …

Published: 9 months ago

Mapping Your Ideal Week

If you’re anything like me, buckling down and getting things done is a challenge. Even though I like structure, I’m often distracted by things that are bright and shioh look a butterfly! Add to that that very few of us can say we have full control …

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