Published: 7 days ago

Need An Inexpensive Option for Team Training?

One of the most frequently-asked questions I hear has to do with resources for volunteer team training. That’s one of the primary reasons we put together The Gospel Is Offensive: Five Plumb Lines for Guest Services. In this 30 page resource, you’ll learn: The five key …

Published: 1 month ago

Four Reasons to Load Up the Van This Summer

If you’ve been hanging out under a rock lately, you may have missed the fact that we’re hosting two One-Day Workshops later this summer (and also that another Jack Sparrow movie is out…Pirates of the Caribbean 74: The Curse of the Hoveround®). Guest Services One-Day …

Published: 2 months ago

Ten Questions You Should Ask (And Answer) This Summer

The downtime of summer is a great time for reflection. I’m not talking about that weird aluminum foil thing you use to catch the sun’s rays on the beach and tan under your chin(s). Nope, I mean the slightly slower pace that allows you …

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