Published: 2 weeks ago

Q&A: How Do You Keep Kids From Distracting Other Guests?

Today’s question comes from a staff member who is new to both his (or her) role and his (or her) church. For obvious rockin’-the-boat reasons, he (or she) has asked to remain anonymous.  Q: One of our campuses is experiencing dynamic growth among young …

Published: 4 weeks ago

Q&A: What Metrics Do You Measure?

Q: I am new to our Guest Experience Ministry. I am curious: what are you measuring in your ministry? What, to you, constitutes success?  [Thea King, Director of Guest Experience, First Baptist Church, Windermere, FL] A: Confession: I am a notoriously bad analytics guy. …

Published: 2 months ago

Q&A: How Do You Follow Up With Easter Guests?

Q: Do you all do anything different from a Guest Services perspective on Easter? What has been the two to three most helpful things about handling Easter (either before, during, or after the services)? [Trent Linville, Connections Director, The Bridge Church, Spring Hill, TN] A: …

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