Published: 11 years ago

For Your Monday Viewing Pleasure…

As many of you know, we’ve been struggling to keep up with the number of worship leaders and teams that are necessary to lead the various campuses that we launch, such as our upcoming West Club Campus.  I’m pleased to announce that we just auditioned and signed a new group last week.  They will begin soon at a new, yet-to-be-disclosed campus .  Please join me in welcoming them…I’m uber-excited.

September 16 update: if you missed the original video below, you’re out of luck.  Apparently the millions of Connective Tissue readers rushing to click on the video caused red flags to go up at YouTube, and they pulled it due to some sort of copyright law violation.

In it’s place, you’ll just have to settle for this new one.  Warning: do not have liquid in your mouth when you watch this…it’ll just come out your nose.

  1. soundsliketomatoes says:

    Was he BREAKDANCING?? I couldn’t tell because my eyes were bleeding.

  2. amanda says:

    Did they steal their “moves” from Chris and Jason? They are amazing!!! I can’t wait to meet them – I hope they can do a guest performance at CMR soon!!!

    Where do you find this crap?!?!?

  3. Tracey says:

    Baaahaaahaaa..OMG I sooo needed this laugh Danny! I can imagine Steven, Cher, and Kristen doing this..I love interpretive dance on a cheesy stage..Think Chris will allow a similar version for Christmas Alive? Rick can narrate??

  4. amanda says:

    HAAAAAA – even better than the first… better? Well, maybe there is a better word to describe it.

    Will Jason be unbuttoning his shirt like this? I have to say that I find it disturbing and will have to speak with Leslie about this before she allows her man to dress like an Italian mobster!

  5. soundsliketomatoes says:

    “Jesus is like a Mounty, he always gets his man”…nice.

    Does anyone else think that guy is way too goony to have such a cool guitar? Maybe Sonseed is where the Wiggles got their rockin moves.

  6. waddey says:

    You may laugh but I now know. . . that Jesus is a friend of mine.

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