Published: 11 years ago

Oh I Wish I Were…

You’d better believe it, baby.  That’s the Weinermobile that rolled up into North Durham earlier this week, and Summit Student Pastor / fellow blogger Jason Gaston and I were there to witness it first-hand.

I feel that I should have been able to get behind the steering wheel, what with the years of abuse I’ve received from my last name being Franks.

“Hey Frankfurter!  Where’s the mustard?”

“You’re such a turkey, Franks!” (that one was actually kind of funny)

Merriem and I always wanted a little girl so I could name her Beanzann.

We have no idea (a) why it was in Durham, (b) where it was headed, or (c) where the driver had disappeared to, but you can rest assured that Gaston would have talked our way onto the beauty, had we seen him.

(Or seen her.  Come on, folks, it’s the year 2008.  Women are perfectly capable of driving the Weinermobile nowadays.)

  1. Can you claim to be All Beef Franks? No filler? I don’t think so. At least the Franksmobile’s appearance in North Durham proves we’re still the cultural capital of the triangle.

  2. robin says:

    I just want to know if you were singing the “oscar Mayer” wiener song while you had your picture made…Asher did!

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