Published: 11 years ago

Pick a Card…Any Card…

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the new generation of inviter cards at the Summit Church.  You say you’ve never heard of an inviter card?  Well sit right back and let Uncle Danny tell you how to use these little jewels…

…in your neighborhood: make sure that your next-door neighbors know where you go to church and that they’re welcome to come with you sometime.  Especially effective for the family of the punky little neighborhood kid that throws rocks at your cat.  Not so effective if that kid is yours.

…at your office: make a platter of cookies, bring a box of Bojangles, and put a stack of cards beside it.  Invite your supervisor …he’ll get saved…you’ll get a raise…you take your family to the Bahamas for Christmas.

…at the restaurant: my personal favorite.  You can click here to read about a recent waiter friend who accepted an invitation to church.  Your waitstaff wants to make you happy, so they’ll say yes to an invitation.  You’ll give them (at least) a 20% tip, so they might actually show up.  This option is good for even shy people.  Leave the card on the table with your tip.

…on your car dashboard / in your back pocket / in your purse: did I mention these cards are pocket sized?  I never go anywhere without a stack.  Just last night I was able to give one to a guy who lives two minutes away from our new West Club campus.

Summit, these cards are the easiest way to invite people to church and engage them in conversations about the Gospel, and they debut this Sunday.  You really have no excuse – pick up a stack for each location!  They’ll be available at the Information Table at each of our campuses.

  1. Adam Hoffman says:

    Would Danny be so kind as to link my blog to his site?

  2. Danny says:

    By golly, I believe I just did! You’ll pick up at least three additional readers out of my … um … three readers. Don’t steal ’em, Hoffy.

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