Published: 11 years ago

My Fellow Americans…

Anyone who reads this blog knows I have no problem using my spiritual gift of sarcasm to get the point across.  I thought about using today’s bully pulpit as an opportunity to do some bi-partisan jabs and make fun of everybody just because it seems to be the Saturday Night Live Jimmy Kimmel Conan Steven Colbert thing to do.

I thought about getting all of you to support me as a write-in candidate and help me build my platform of free Reese’s Cup milkshakes from Cook-Out for every American.

But at the end of an election season that’s been known more for its venomous attacks than its sensible debate on the issues, you know as well as I do that today is not really a laughing matter.  That’s why, on this election day, I encourage you to remember a few things:

  1. Your candidate will not fix your problems.  I don’t care if you love Obama or John or Joe or Sarah, they are not going to do all they promise to do.  Four years from now, you’ll have some things that you’ll be proud of your candidate for accomplishing, and some things that you wish the opposition wouldn’t bring up.  You – not your political savior – are responsible for your life.  Remember that.
  2. Our nation has bigger issues than red or blue states.  Somewhere along the line the church has decided that if we can get the right man in the Oval Office, it’ll be smooth sailing for our congregations.  We’re divided as a nation not because we’re Democrats or Republicans, but because we’re sinners.  Remember that.
  3. You should pray.  Then vote.  Then pray again.  I dare not tell you who you should vote for today (I enjoy my tax-exempt blogging status).  I will tell you that if you are a Christian you have a responsibility to do these three things:  Pray about who to vote for.  Vote.  Then pray for whoever gets into office.  Your guy or not, you have that mandate.  Remember that.

So stop reading, and get to the polls.  And lest I leave you shell-shocked that you’ve just read a Connective Tissue post with nary a trace of humor, check this out.

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  1. Baker says:

    Well spoken, Rev. Franks.

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