Just Four More Weeks…

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4 Responses

  1. Sweet photo of the killing machine. I don’t think that guy is a “metro redneck.” I think he’s pretty much ALL REDNECK.

  2. Mark Waltz says:

    Danny – The fact that I found your blog may reveal some narcissistic tendency in me… as in looking to see who’s talking about my book. Busted.

    However, when I found this post I think I blushed outloud. Dude, it’s just me. Really.

    I quite grateful for your encouragement; I’m humbled that God’s allowed me to partner from a distance with what God’s doing in and through your leadership.

    Finally, we’ve got to find a way to meet. I love your writing style. I’m sure we’d find a couple things to talk about (Christmas songs for starters).

    God’s best!

  3. Danny says:

    Mark, it’s an absolute honor to hear from you! I’m neck deep in our Christmas concert at this very moment, but I promise to give you a proper reply via your e-mail address very soon.

    (And although this week’s schedule has been overtaken by a preaching assignment this weekend, I dig the first chapter!)

  4. patti pietrowski says:

    How can you not follow a link when it says “more on my giddiness here”!!!That was so fun-I had to follow the link-no choice!
    Danny -you should be a writer! You are hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed your article!Thanks! You made my day!!!

    If you ever write more let me know!

    (I Followed this from link On Mark Walz’s website which I followed from my church’s email cause Mark Walz will be doing workshop there in March!My church is Grace Church in McKean, PA!

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