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The Airbrushed WarriorIf you attended the Brier Creek AM campus last Sunday, you heard Pastor J.D. make the challenge for 500 of you to be sent out to one of our other campuses.  January is coming, and if historical trends prove true, January will bring around 25% more people to the Summit than we see in December.

As you know, we’re already packed in pretty tight on Sunday morning.

Editor’s Note: How tight is it?

It’s so tight that we’ve had to take the video clips off of widescreen format.

It’s so tight that Chris Gaynor can only throw his music stand four feet now (inside joke for the 10:45 crowd).

It’s so tight that J.D. had to take out the periods in his name to make room.

It’s so tight that we’ve equipped all our Seaters Team with cans of Crisco so they can slather up the guests before they go in.

Editor’s Note: I’m sorry I asked.  Please continue.

Some of you have legitimate reasons why you couldn’t make the switch (work schedule, you serve on a ministry team on Sunday morning, you’re involved in some sort of weird Keanu Reeves-inspired terrorist plot where if you don’t attend the same campus at the same time and sit in the same seat every Sunday, Nebraska will blow up, etc.).

Some of you are going to meet this challenge head on.  You know that the Summit is not a church where you can stay comfortable for long.  We’re going to grow, we’re going to expand, we’re going to have to make room.  And like a missionary to RDU, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make that happen, so you’re gladly going to make the switch.

And finally, some of you…some of you don’t have a good reason.  You haven’t found a ministry team yet.  You consistently show up late and leave early.  You’re at the beach more than you’re here.  (Hey, I’m Uncle Danny…I say this in love.)  But you’re still dragging your feet and feeding the excuses and calculating the inconvenience.

This Sunday, we’ll have survey sheets in the Brier Creek AM worship guides.  On that sheet you can let us know your intention to make the jump.  I hope that you’ll prayerfully consider it.  Brier Creek PM, West Club, and Cole Mill campuses are ready and waiting…will you be part of the 500?

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Special thanks to Chris Holleman for the super-sweet picture.

  1. soundsliketomatoes says:

    My…eyes…they burn…can’t…look away from…creepy J.D. stomach…

  2. Jennifer says:

    i’ve made the switch already does that count? 🙂

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