Published: 10 years ago

Do They See What We See?

Yule Blog Week continues today…a series of really short posts that will help you get your blog fix and get back to Christmas.

This week you’ll no doubt be coming into contact with spiritual skeptics: friends, family members, that weird uncle who always smells like cranberry sauce…and the thing that they all have in common is (a) they know you’re a Christian, but (b) they don’t know what that means.

Although this video is a little long for a really short post, I think it captures the essence of what Christianity should be: persuasive, not preachy.  Compelling, not condemning.  Invitational, not confrontational.

Watch Penn (of Penn & Teller fame) expound on a recent encounter with a Christ follower.  And the ask yourself: what will your family see this Christmas?  About Christ?  About your relationship with him?  And about your concern for them?

Do they see what you see?

  1. Jody says:

    Just watched the Penn clip. Very cool.

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