Published: 10 years ago

2008 Wrap-Up: Search Terms

I’m still hopped up on figgy pudding and Christmas presents, so I’ll be easing back into the blogging world this week.  Here’s a preview:

  • Tuesday: a look back at my top post picks of the first year o’ blogging.
  • Wednesday: a review of the best books I read this year.

But today…today I’ll take you behind the scenes of Connective Tissue (that’s the name of this blog…really, pay attention).  Today I’m going to give you some of the strangest search terms that people have used to find this little corner of the blogosphere, along with my commentary in parenthesis.  And no, I’m not making any of these up:

  • Top two search terms: Kirk Cameron and Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.  (I assume that was because of this post and this one.  I wonder how ripped off people felt when they landed here?)
  • Palin shoe shine  (Make it extra glossy?  You betcha.)
  • Head covering and Baptist people  (Because we’re all about putting the fun back in fundamentalism.)
  • ike y gustav (maybe from my Spanish-speaking hurricane watchers?)
  • How to build a church sound booth (I heart Home Depot.)
  • I’m so confused 🙁 (Imagine how they felt once they read my insane rants.)
  • What doesn’t man to keep fit (I think they wanted a “how I can to not make a bad grammar sentence” blog)
  • Do people keep their tissue up their sleeve? (Your mom keeps her tissue up her sleeve.)
  • Our homechurch booty (Must…fight…urge to comment.)
  • Did Mel Gibson eat corndogs in Braveheart? (Yes.  Didn’t you catch his battle cry for “MUUUUUUUSSSSS-TAAAAARD!”)

My  new year’s resolution: use more obscure terminology in my posts, thereby drawing more strange search terms.  To get me started, I’ll leave you with the following: abscond, sasquatch, rutabaga, pendulum, färfegnugen.

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  1. Rick says:

    Great first year of blogging Danny. I vote for Connective Tissue as #1 blog in 2008.

  1. By Danny Franks | You Can Get Here From There on March 30, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    […] Want to see the other list?  Check it. […]

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