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1Another :: Be Devoted

At the Summit, we’re currently going through the book of Acts of Sunday morning.  Our Cannonball series is walking us through the “why” of church life.  Because of that, I’m teaming up with the Small Groups Guy over the next few days as we take a team approach to the “one another” passages in scripture.  Make sure and check out Spence’s post for the day here.  

Romans 12:10: Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. (NASB)

My wife and I have an unhealthy addiction to the TV show 24.  (Sometime I’ll tell you the story of how we had seen only one episode prior to October 2008 – and as of last weekend we’re fully caught up and ready for season seven – but today’s not the day for that confession.)

One of my favorite Bauerisms is when he calls CTU and says, “I’m gonna need backup.”  Oh sure, most of the time that backup turns out to be a psychotic communist kleptomaniac mole, but still…there’s something really cool about knowing somebody has your back, as long as they’re not about to inject your back with a syringe full of death juice.  But I digress.

The Bible gives us nearly 60 “one another” commands.  I would argue that Romans 12:10 contains one of the foundational ones.  As believers, we are called to be devoted to each other, period.  We’re not told to go Lone Ranger-style.  We’re not told to do the best we can on our own.  We’re told to be devoted to one another.

Devotion to our fellow believers lays the groundwork for all of the other “one anothers.”  We can’t encourage one another if we’re not devoted to one another, nor can we encourage one another.  Devotion is the stuff of commitment.  It’s where we cross the line from casual acquaintance to “I’ve got your back” friendship.

Devotion is not something that just happens.  It brings with it an intentional forward motion to go deeper in a relationship with another person.  As a believer, we will find ourselves in different levels of devotion.  As a pastor, I have different levels of involvement with people that serve with me in ministry, people in my small group, random people in the church, and other believers I know outside our church.  Not every believer gets the same amount of my devotion, but as a believer I’m called to pursue devotion with those God places in my path.

So here’s the question: do you have people that you’re devoted to?  Are there people who are devoted to you?  If not, perhaps your first step is to attend Starting Point, which is our event for people who need to be connected.  Or maybe you need to get involved in a small group.  Regardless, devotion is not an option…it’s a mandate.  Make sure somebody has your back today.

Unless they’re carrying a syringe, in which case you need to go Bauer on ’em.

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