Frank Capra was a Liar

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  1. kim davidson says:

    Give me it falling or piled high for a day – then I want it gone (unless I’m skiing). But, Danny, come on – you’ve never seen White Christmas. It is definitely in my top 5 of that era!

  2. Shannon says:

    Sorry your snow day was less than exciting. We had a blast!!! Oh, and I’ll ruin White Christmas for you… they sing a TERRIBLE song called “snow” and that’s it until… okay, I won’t really ruin it for you.

  3. yo' sis says:

    ummmmmm…..and what about that sermon of yours you gave me at Christmas on grumbling and complaining? Maybe YOU need to listen to it. You need to be thankful you got snow! 😛

  4. Danny says:

    Hello my dear sister:

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have encouraged you to leave a comment now that you’ve found the blog. You will notice that most of my readers don’t discourage me. Try to follow that example. And you need to understand that the statute of limitations on that sermon has expired – I can now complain again. 🙂

    Your Brother

  1. March 7, 2017

    […] Believe it or not, this is not another post in homage to this week’s snowfall.  For that story – including my gratuitous use of the word “poo” on a ministry blog – click here. […]

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