Published: 10 years ago

100th Post and a Poll

That’s right, Connective Tissue readers: break out your cyber-confetti and blow your celebratory interweb kazoo…it’s the 100th post.  I was going to wow you with some fancy-schmancy statistics on how many posts that breaks down to per week, per day, and per hour, but then I whipped out the calculator and realized that I started this blog exactly 200 days ago.  And as any idiot knows, if you divide 200 days by 100 posts, that means I’ve been cranking out a blog post every 3.4 days (give or take a decimal point).

So today, we look ahead into the next century of posts, and I am asking you for some readership leadership in making some decisions, namely, where to from here?  That’s right, I do care what you think.  Because when it comes down to it, this blog is about you, America.  And offhanded references to Anderson Cooper’s latte.  And pictures of the Wienermobile.

So here we go…the first poll of Connective Tissue, which probably means it won’t work because I didn’t do it right, and you’ll be frustrated and stop reading, and I’ll be drinking used A & W Root Beer out of a moldy Dixie cup while I’m living under the Guess Road overpass.  Bummer.

It works like this: you vote on each question, you vote once, and you vote seriously.  There shall be no smart alecky seventh grade boys trying to run up the numbers on these polls: that’ll get you slapped around.  (Oh yeah…and I’d really like for everyone to participate.  That means you, blog-stalker-admin-assistant.)

Whew…that wasn’t so hard, was it?  Okay, now for one final bonus all-skate question: What didn’t you say on the survey that you’d like to say now?  We’re talking subject material, I-wanna-see-this type stuff, you know…the whole nine yards.  And since I’d love to share your answers with everyone, leave a comment.

  1. spenceshelton says:

    You know who you are? you are mr. metaphor / simile guy. Ive never seen someone harness that part of the english language the way u do. good work & happy 100th.

  2. Brian says:

    I like your blog. In fact, I feel like less of a man on the days that I don’t get to read or when you don’t post. I love your humor and your serious stuff is good too, considering where you hail from.
    “my kids say the darndest things” would be a good future post.
    good work so far. keep ’em coming.

  3. blog-stalker-admin-assistant says:

    Thanks for the not-so-anonymous shout out. And I’m not a blog stalker…I just like to read your blog without your (sometimes) knowledge, and everyone else’s that you link to (hello, Kearsie!). Just for the shout out, I voted.

  1. By Danny Franks | The Passive Pastor on March 7, 2017 at 9:27 pm

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