Published: 10 years ago

Believe: An Inside Look

If you missed yesterday at the Summit, run, don’t walk, to our sermon download center and carve out some time to listen up (the message will be up sometime today).  Pastor J.D. pulled the lid off of the proverbial Believe can, and we are in for some of the greatest days of God’s hand on the Summit church.

Now, this is not one of those “greatest days” throwbacks that you get from churches whose baptistery drain is rusted over, so long has it been since they’ve seen anybody’s lives changed.  Nope, this is a “greatest days” from a place where we have seen God show up numerous times, do unexplainable things, and leave an indelible mark…

…but it’s only beginning.

Here are some of my favorite sound bites from yesterday’s message… ”J.D.isms,” if you will (apologies to Tony Morgan).

  • We need to extend our reach while retaining intimacy.
  • We want to be a mega church with a micro vision.
  • I don’t want to build a monument with my life…I want to birth a movement.
  • At the end of the day it’s not about numbers on a graph or building sizes, it’s about the stories of life change.
  • All that is necessary to complete the mission of God in the world is already in the hands of the church.
  • It’s not about my worthiness, it’s about the extent of God’s grace and power.
  • Throughout the Bible and throughout history, God shows off his power when people believe.
  • There is no moratorium on hell during a recession.
  • I don’t know what God is going to do, but I’ll tell you what he won’t do: he won’t get up in the morning and check the stock market to determine which of his marvelous works he’s going to be unable to accomplish.
  • The value you place on something is shown by what you’ll give up for it.

Where do you go from here?  So glad you asked.  First, pray with us.  You can pick up a copy of the Believe Resource Guide for a 28 day prayer journey.  Second, sign up to pray.  You can do that at the SummitBelieve website, in preparation for our 1000 Hours of Prayer event coming up in two weeks.  Third, begin considering how you can be a blessing through our Day of Hope event on February 15.  More information at the SummitBelieve website.

I’ve never been as excited to be a part of a movement of God as I am now.  Summit, you’d better believe that the greatest days are ahead!


  1. shelliegregory says:

    Okay so I mised it. Paul said it was great. I am anxiously waiting on the podcast to be posted. Just keep sitiing here, hitting refresh, refresh…

  2. Ryan says:

    JD also said, “You give up something you love for something you love more”. I thought it was a noteworthy highlight from sunday as well.” nice post.

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