Published: 10 years ago

Believe: A Different Breed

On Sunday morning I had the opportunity to talk to a former Journeyman* who recently moved to the area and started attending the Summit.  After we made a few small-world connections, the conversation turned to the area where she served overseas and some of the people we both knew.  When I asked her how she heard about the Summit, she told me that she began to get a taste of the church not through a worship service or J.D.’s preaching, but from the church planters that have gone out from our church and she met on the field.  Here’s her statement, paraphrased because I’m not a creepy guy who carries around a voice recorder everywhere I go.

Okay, so I carry around a voice recorder everywhere I go, but I only use it to remind me to pick up milk, not to secretly record conversations…but don’t push me.  But I digress…

“The church planters I’ve met from the Summit are simply a different breed.  You can tell a difference in their passion, their ability, and their drive to carry the Gospel.”

That statement spoke volumes to me.  Even in a foreign country, people can see the DNA of our church.  They know our heartbeat, our passion, and our purpose without ever stepping foot onto one of our campuses.  That’s not a pat on the back for our church, but incredible praise to our God.  He has made his name famous not only here in the Triangle but in Southeast Asia, South Asia, South Africa, Eastern Europe, and all of the other places where our people have landed.

Sunday Summit dwellers, this is a reminder that we’re a part of something bigger than we can explain.  God is doing amazing things here and abroad, but it’s only just begun.  What’s your role?

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*A Journeyman is an under-30 college grad who commits two years to go overseas as a missionary.  And we’ve got ’em coming out the wazoo here at the Summit.

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