Published: 10 years ago

Believe: It’s for the Kids

Don’t break out your Whitney Houston soundtrack just yet.  That’s not where I’m going.

My wife – in addition to taking good care of me while I’m at the dentist – also has some incredibly insightful thoughts about the stuff of our lives.  Last Sunday we were talking about the Believe project at lunch, and this is what she said (paraphrased, because hey – I’m a husband, and I don’t listen word-for-word):

“I’m excited about this project.  Back when we did Focus (the campaign that ran from 2004-2007), it was new, and fresh, and easy to get wide-eyed about what God was doing.  I’m still very excited about what God is doing, but the thing that excites me most is watching other people get excited about what he’s doing.  We’ve been down this road of discovery before, but now it’s like a new generation is discovering it, and we’re getting to watch it happen.”

…and then she made a comparison to how we both went to Disney World when we were kids, and as great of an experience as that was, it was even more fun to go back as a seasoned Mouseketeer and watch our kids get to experience it for the first time.

True, she doesn’t use as many run-on sentences as I just did, but you get the idea.

What excites you about Believe?

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  1. jlg5074 says:

    For Katie and I, this has been the first thing we’ve ever really done like this together since we’ve been married. It’s been amazing watching God stretch the both of us to give a little more than we thought we could. Heck, it even got to the point where I pondered the idea of giving up my sons diapers for 3 years…I mean really…what’s the point anyways.

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