Published: 10 years ago

Divine Encounters

Here’s a peek into my world over the last ten days:

I had a conversation with a guy who doesn’t attend our church.  He was raised in church, but now doesn’t know what he believes or “if this whole Christianity thing is true.”

Another conversation with a young single professional who is questioning the exclusive claims of Christ, the ideals of right and wrong and moral absolutes, and what role (if any) that Jesus plays in her life.

Yet another brief conversation with a cashier at a local grocery store.  The topic turned to church, and when I told her about our upcoming Easter celebration she replied, “I haven’t been to church on Easter in a long time…I haven’t been to church, period, in a long time…I’m just really confused.”

Three people.  Three souls.  Three appointments that I believe were put on my calendar by God himself.  No, none of them had all their questions answered over the course of a conversation.  None were convinced and converted…but for now that’s fine.  My calling is to share what I know, what the Bible holds forth, and genuinely love them whether they agree with me or not.  Some may never be convinced…and that’s okay.  It’s not my job to convince them or convert them, it’s my job to listen to them, love them, and simply share what Jesus did for me.

This stuff energizes me…it excites me…and, at least on some days, it no longer scares me.

If you’re a believer, you hold the key to hope and peace in the lives of those that you come across every day.  Are you freely sharing the story of the gospel, or are you fearfully (and selfishly) holding on to the greatest story ever told?


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  1. Katie says:

    Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  2. carl says:

    I look forward always to reading your blog…..thanks for ‘taking the time’…

  3. Blair says:

    Danny – this is a great message and a great point. It is often easy for us to get frustrated if we share the Gospel with someone and they are not “convinced”. Your message is exactly what I needed to hear. It is more important that we focus on sharing the Gospel and what God is doing in our life and leave the rest up to the Lord.

    Well played, Sir.


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