Published: 10 years ago

Forced Sabbath

I’m very much a schedule guy.  I like to have my day organized, like to know what’s happening when, and I get very frustrated when things don’t go according to plan.

Like a snow day.

For many of us in the Triangle, Monday was a forced day off.  I awoke to a text message from a co-worker letting me know that the office was closed, that my outreach cards weren’t going to be processed, that I couldn’t access e-mail, that I wouldn’t be having my weekly Connections staff meeting…blah blah blah.

(Actually, it just said the first part about the office being closed.  The rest, I added.)

Forced Sabbaths are okay when they come in the form of a snow day.  I’ve heard of other pastors talk about forced Sabbaths in terms of heart attacks, surgeries, being fired…so all in all the snow is a much better option.

I wish I could say that my Sabbath was productive, but of course that’s not the point of a Sabbath.  It’s a time to rest (I did that), reconnect with God (check), spend time with family (got it).  And if I snuck in a few hours of TV that had been building up on my DVR, well so be it.

So what about you?  What did you do on your forced Sabbath?  Comment below.

  1. Lauren D says:

    Our Sabbath was just a two hour delay, but we were able to get some extra sleep, which is always a plus!

  2. Shannon says:

    RESTED! Bible, journal, puzzle, John Owen book, neighbor visit.

  3. Lori says:

    Let’s see…sleep in til 8:00am, breakfast, movie, nap, lunch, movie (with commentary this time), workout, nap, dinner, tv, bed. But really, who’s keeping track?

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