Published: 10 years ago

Stop Being a Lousy Parent

As was mentioned here last week, on Saturday morning at the Nexus Project I led a breakout session for parents.  We had around 25 parents that showed up on a weekend when (a) they had shipped their kids off to Nexus, so they could’ve been sleeping in, (b) they could have been enjoying the insanely beautiful spring weather, or (c) they could have been doing anything else besides listening to parental advice from a guy who’s owned  a teenager for all of 11 days.

Nevertheless, it was a great morning and they were a gracious crowd.  More than anything, we agreed that parenting is the hardest job on earth, and the longer we’re parents the more we realize we’re not that qualified to be parents.

In full disclosure, the best stuff from that seminar came from guys like Andy Stanley and Kevin Leman.  They’ve been at this far longer than I have and articulate it much better than I could.  But they’re expensive and I’m cheap, so I was the guy who rehashed what they already said.

Follow this link and you can listen to Saturday’s audio and download the handouts.  It’s free…and some would say you get what you pay for.  But seriously, if you’re a parent, you need to pick up these principles.  Enjoy.

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  1. Rick says:

    I am chastened. I will try to stop being a lice infested parent.

    One entry found.
    Pronunciation: ˈlau̇-zē
    1: infested with lice

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