Published: 10 years ago

Wait Just a Cotton Pickin’ Minute…

Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting with friends and fellow staffers; guys who have been doing this Campus Pastor gig a lot longer than I have (okay, so some of them have only been doing it since September or October, but let’s face it – they could have been on the job since last week and that’s longer than me).

During the meeting, one of them said something that caused me to have a moment.  Not an “Aha” moment or a “Eureka!” moment or even a “Geez Louise” moment…no, this was definitely of the “Say what!?!” moment category.  I’ll tell you what was said in…just a moment.

When I first started out in ministry, I was a student pastor.  I was also a newly married, full time college student.  Three new jobs.  All at once.  In a world of bi-vocational pastors, I think I counted as tri-vocational.

Upon graduation, I was a student pastor and worked full time in the family business.  And lest any of my family call me out on the blog, I use that term “worked” very loosely.  Bi-vocational, again.

Then came seminary.  And a part time security guard job (long live polyester uniforms!).  And a part time student pastor job.  Tri-vocational, indeed.

Then the Summit called, and I answered.  But for the first year, I was still in seminary.  Sort of bi-vocational.

Then came the glorious day on January 2, 2004.  I showed up for my first full day on my first full time ministry job.  Ever.  Eleven years after I started down the ministry road, I was finally able to give singular focus to one ministry passion.

…which brings me to yesterday, when one of my fellow Campus Pastors said, “None of us have the luxury of focusing on the ministry we were originally hired to do.  We have to keep a balanced mindset in order to maintain and grow the original ministry, yet develop the new role of Campus Pastor.  It’s as if we’re [and this is where I took a deep breath, anticipating what was coming…] bivocational.

Zoiks.  How could I not have seen that coming?  It makes me itchy.  

Kind of like when I wore the polyester uniform.

  1. kim davidson says:

    But, I don’t think you have to hand any body’s dry cleaning to them – if you do, then you are tri-vocational again! 🙂

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