Published: 10 years ago

Who’s On Your Radar?

Today’s topic is radar. Not the Gary Burghoff character from M.A.S.H., or the fact that it’s a cool palindrome, or even the equipment that my friend* Greg Fishel uses.

Nope, the radar that we’re discussing is the relational radar that you need to have fired up as we head into Easter.  Who are you inviting?  Who’s in your circle?  Who are the people that need the hope of the resurrection?

If you don’t have people on your radar, then may I respectfully say that you have the attention span of an ADD over-caffeinated squirrel.  Everybody should have relational radar.  Even if you’re a recluse who mumbles to himself a lot and eats crickets in the backyard, you know that there are neighbors that occasionally peer over their fence to see what the heck you’re doing.  Those are the people that could be on your radar.

Want a suggestion?  Pray.  Ask God to give you the names or faces of three people who need to be on your radar.  Maybe it’s your Starbucks barista.  Maybe its the guy four cubicles over.  Maybe its the mom who is always pushing the baby stroller at the same time you’re pushing yours, but you never get too close because her kid’s got something green oozing out of one nostril.  Whoever it is, God will show you, and you can begin praying that you’ll have an opportunity to invite them to one of our approximately 148 Easter services.

Don’t forget that we’ve provided you with a tool that you can use to invite green snot kid’s mom.  This Sunday, make sure you pick up a stack of Easter inviter cards that you can personalize with your name and contact info.  We have a different set for each campus, so feel free to mix and match and trade and collect all four if you’re into that kind of thing.

Easter’s coming.  Fire up that radar.

*Hey, he could conceivably be my friend.  He’s a very personable guy.  Greg, if you’re out there, let’s do coffee.  Preferably on a day where it’s sunny, 73 degrees, with a barometric pressure of around 32″.

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