Published: 10 years ago

50 Word Week: Confession

We’re in the middle of 50 Word Week on the blog.  The title and this paragraph don’t count.  Fifty words begin…now.

On Good Friday when I should have been observing the sacrifice of Jesus, I ate peanut butter on white bread and watched Days of Our Lives, (which for the record I never watch).  I felt pretty dumb, because it was a really stupid TV show.

But a really good sandwich.

  1. Brian says:

    Please please please tell me you lied and did not watch Days of our Lives… It would be easier to forgive you for lying than to accept the fact that you watched a daytime soap opera!!!

    • Danny says:

      Ahhhh….thank you for giving me the opportunity to go beyond 50 words so I can defend myself. I struggled for a long time with coming clean about this. Here’s the defense:

      A. My wife was sitting there with me, so I get at least half of my man card back (it’s like watching The Notebook – it’s okay as long as your wife is with you).
      B. We were both scoffing the entire time about how stupid it was.
      C. Our only other alternative was Curb Appeal on HGTV or The View. What would you have done in a situation like that?

  2. amanda says:

    turned it OFF – then gazed into each other’s eyes and list the numerous things you love about my sweet Merriem (and the sandwich!)!!!

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