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Audience Participation

Okay gang, you’ve been quiet as of late.  Maybe 121 baptisms don’t excite you the way they excite me.  Maybe you don’t think a prayer cross is funny.  Maybe pictures of ducks don’t elicit the response I thought they might.

And yes, I’ve already acknowledged 50 Word Week was a bad idea.  Let’s move on.  Please.

So here’s the dealio: next week is Audience Participation Week.  You’re going to help write the posts…or do everything you can to derail ’em, whichever you prefer.

Here’s how it works: I will give you the five blog topics for next week.  You will give me sets of three completely unrelated words that I have to use on one of the days.  You can pick which topic the words will belong to, or let me pick…it doesn’t matter.  The bottom line is that I have to make the words fit as seamlessly as possible into a pre-selected topic, and you can bust my chops if it doesn’t work, or stand in amazement as I show off my wordsmithing skills.

Editor’s Note: a true wordsmith would know there’s no such word as “wordsmithing.”

Again, I am looking for sets of three non-related words.  For example: purple, aardvark, hallelujah.  Or mailbox, Topeka, cheeseburger.  Words can’t be naughty.  And you should probably be able to use them in Scrabble.

Okey dokey, the topics (in no particular order):

  • Professional Christians
  • Listen to Your Wife
  • Secondary Issues
  • Every Day is Sunday Morning
  • Mosquitoes

Leave your set of three words below, or if you have comment-phobia, e-mail ’em to me at dfranks[at]summitrdu[dot]com.

  1. Veronica Greear says:


    • Danny says:

      People of the blogosphere, First Lady Greear has come off the top rope with the first suggestions. This is gonna be fun…except that I’m going to have to look up that first word. Sounds like somebody has been to too many dinner parties with Paige Patterson.

  2. amy p. says:


  3. Phil White says:


    That’s awesome.

    Way to go Veronica!

    Here’s my 3:

    Kryzewski(nod to Jacob) / origin / amity

  4. B the Builder says:

    First, a comment about a previous post… I wasn’t there – did you drop the borrowed megaphone in the water?
    As for next week –
    “Listen to you wife” – I need help in this area 🙂
    1. Ford
    2. Hurricanes (Go Canes!)
    3. Backhoe

    Looking forward to next week.

  5. Nicole W says:


  6. courtney says:

    1. serendipity
    2. pizza
    3. mailbox

  7. spenceshelton says:

    1. spelunker
    2. Moravian
    3. platypus

    And I would prefer these to appear in the order above under the “Every day is Sunday Morning” topic.

  8. vasectomy

    Under “Mosquitoes” please.

  9. Lori says:

    Ummmm…let’s see…I could be nice or not-so-nice here…yeah, I’m going with not-so-nice.
    1. geloscopy
    2. occiput
    3. quarks
    (I really wanted to put ochlesis as one, but considering your (and my) OCD, it’d be far too easy to put that in a post…)

  10. Kiani says:

    ampersand (to be used as a noun, not a substitution for the symbol)

    Professional Christians, please.

  11. Cathy says:

    Okay my three words are
    Use where you feel they fit the best
    and no they aren’t words I ever use except maybe for asphalt!:)

  12. Cathy says:

    Is against the rules to add a fourth word??


  13. Doug says:

    How about:


    under Listen to Your Wife.

  14. dmm says:


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