Listen to Your Wife

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  1. Mike G says:

    One of the better posts you have had in a long time(j/k). Sound pratical and biblical admonishment. Someone long ago(a month ago) told me that the term “helper” as in the Holy Spirit is very similiar in describing the term “helper” as related to your wife. We should not ignore either in knowing that as godly men we desire deeper communion with our Father. There is a chance I could be wrong. Have a great Danny…talk to you soon brother.

  2. Aaron Tant says:

    I agree with Mike G. Plus, my wife is perfect… at least that is what she tells me. But, in all seriousness, yes, we are aspiring to be Godly men… but, without our helpmate, how good can we be? I would venture into those murky waters to say it is just another reason why God uses marraige as his symbol for his relationship with us. Just a better way to commune with God and each other (is this where the girls yell out “girl power”?). Women, at least in my experience, have some great insights into many things that we as men just seem to take only at face value. I value my wife’s opinion and advice… I just need to ask for them more often so my foot won’t always be stuck in my mouth.
    Thank you Danny… great post!

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