Real American Heroes

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5 Responses

  1. B the Builder says:

    I know a guy like that who exercised extreme patience once when filling in for an usher and helped in collecting the offering. Oh, wait a minute, no he didn’t. He yelled at the guy, and the man was blind, so he was unaware of the offering plate in front of him. Ok, my bad. Totally bad example. Never mind.

  2. Linda says:

    Danny, Hope you don’t mind, I sent these 2 ladies your blog address. I don’t know them but found them in DPS mail. This will make them feel good and teachers need to be told good things. We don’t always hear the good. Thanks for the great observation and sharing it with the rest of us. Unfortunately, a lot of DPS schools have several of those types of kids in them…not just one. And they are cutting our resources. CRAZY!

  3. Aaron Tant says:

    I’m with Linda… my wife, Lisa, is a resource teacher down here in Sanford and it amazes me the hours of work she puts in (at school and at home). I hear, day after day, of how she and the rest of the resource staff put countless hours into working with children with special needs. One of the ladies in school office has, on more than occasion, referred to my wife as, “patience-of-Job Lisa”. Power to her… I like her kids, but I do reach a point where I cannot handle it. So, yes, Danny, real heros who really don’t get paid what they are worth (plus, if my wife was paid what she was worth… I wouldn’t have to work… YAY!).

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