Published: 10 years ago


Dear Sultans of Spam:

I want to congratulate you on stepping up your game.  No longer are you trying to sell me a watch, asking me to invest in gold, or telling me that a deposed Nigerian prince wants to be my BFF if I’ll just send him my bank account number, Social Security number, drivers’ license number, and shoe size.  

No, at this point you’ve changed the rules of engagement.  You’ve turned from intriguing advertisements to outright threats, and while it still isn’t working, at least you’re amusing me now.  I want to thank you for that.

In case you’ve forgotten some of the intriguing subject lines you’ve sent me lately, here is a sampling:

Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

So seriously guys, while I appreciate the constant outpouring of love, we now have a top-notch spam blocker installed on our server.  While I can still see your subject lines, it’s entirely too hard for me to read the rest of your message (not that I’d want to, anyway).  Why don’t you go back downstairs to your mom’s basement and continue to play World of Warcraft with the other members of your computer club?



  1. aarontant says:

    well now you’ll never get my emails. No wonder you’ve not replied to my concerns!
    Hah. I need some love, I don’t mail like this, yet.

  2. L&K says:

    What you’re not owning up to is that this is a snapshot of your sent items, not your inbox…

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