Published: 10 years ago

Who Will Be 500?

We’re getting dangerously close to the 200th post on this thing, and you know what 200 posts mean: a lot of you have taken time to share your (sometimes) smart-alecky wisdom with the readers of this blog.

Nevertheless, it’s been an awesome ride as we march towards 200, and with that milestone comes another: we’re almost at our 500th commenter.

So the question of the day: who will be 500?  According to my best guess, it will happen sometime in the next two weeks.  No, I won’t tell you exactly how many commenters we have now.  No, I won’t do the “497…498…499…” countdown.  But here’s what I will do:

The 500th commenter gets a free copy of Lasting Impressions, recommended as part of yesterday’s Summer Reading List post.  And while you’ll get extra credit for making the 500th comment a confetti-worthy deal, creativity isn’t a prerequisite.  (Oh yeah, if you try to fill the comment box and therefore win by nefarious means, I’ll find out the name of your arch-enemy and award them the book.)

Stay tuned, start commenting, and thanks for playing!

  1. Mike Gifford says:

    Hey Danny,
    The book looks awesome…by the way, you raise the bar of integrity for blogs with yours. Great writing my friend!

  2. Blake says:


    Seminary students always want free books. Hopefully it is me. BTW I was little disturbed about the blog of whats on your i-pod. Taylor Swift? REALLY? Isn’t that what every 14 year old girl has on theirs.

  3. Jonathan Lunn says:

    Dear Danny, as a poor college student who goes to a state ran university. I do not have the constant light that seminary students get. Thus im more needing in the way of Christian Literature. With this in mind. I hope im number 500

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