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  1. Blake says:

    I have two horrible job stories. One is my current job. The first was back in high school. I worked for a dog food company. We cooked pig ears for dogs to chew on. Before the were cooked you had to wash them in formaldehyde which burnt your eyes. It was the worst smelling job ever!!!!! Not mention the fine group of people I was working with. The second is I pick up trash and sweep parking lots now. When the truck wont pick up a dirty diaper left in a parking yours truly gets to do it. This job is not as bad the first one but it is still nasty. So, my request is for moms and dads not to throw dirty diapers in the middles of a parking lot. I mean really also if you smoke the butt in the Jesus hates it when you smoke ash tray.

  2. Thommarson says:

    So here is my post. Worst job I had was a HVAC duct taping job. It was a temp job and I only lasted a few hours. Here is the setup:

    Environment: One darkly lit (?) warehouse. Multiple tables with 5-6 workers @ each table. Radio @ each table playing static laden hip-hop or fiesta music. Arrive @ 5 AM

    Work: Take fiberglass packed HAVC ducting and use seam tape with glue dots to “weld” the pieces together. Involves sticking your hand/arm inside the duct to apply pressure so when you use the iron to melt the glue dots the pieces actually stay together.

    Outcome: Itchy as you-know-what arms and hands. Called temp agancy and left about 3-4 hours after I showed up.

    How does that sound?

  3. Danny says:

    This one came via e-mail from Summit guy Kyle Hayes…

    The Marine Corps is full of tradition. While trying to shrive basic training, I was given the privilege to be the “house mouse” for our Drill Instructors. The house mouse is given to the smallest recruit in your platoon and since I tower at 5’4”, I won that tile hands down. The responsibility of the house mouse is to clean and maintain the DI’s living quarters. Of course this put you in front and around them way too often. Time spent around them gave them more time to have “fun” with you. Cleaning their head (bathroom), making their bed, cleaning/picking up their desk after they tipped it over, having birthday cake sent to them (we never left the base or made phone calls), given the nickname Geek Smurf and being choke so that I could turn blue. These are some the privileges that came along with my worst job ever. Of course this lasted only 12 weeks and I was “allowed” a live.

    Kyle Hayes
    USMC 1989-1994

    PS…The first Sunday morning, our Senior Drill Instructor made us go to church because we “would need God to help us through this.” By the way the treated their house mouse, they should have gone to church too!!

  4. Thommarson says:

    I thought e-mailed stories didn’t count

    “But here’s the caveat: you have to comment here. No e-mail stories will be accepted.”

    starting to wonder about that one sir…=)

    • Danny says:

      Hey Thommarson, my blog, my rules. Besides, Kyle admitted in his e-mail that he was technically challenged. I figure if he’s a former Marine, you and I both had better let that one slide.

  5. Thommarson says:

    ok ok….I surrender.


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