Published: 10 years ago

He Had Me At “Pig Ears”

A few weeks back I asked you to submit your worst job stories: those experiences which you survived, but now make you uncomfortable to watch The Office because it hits a little too close to home.

The purpose of the stories was to help me build material for the Sermon That Never Was on June 28, so I’m sorry that I didn’t get to drop the winning story on the Brier Creek AM audience like an atomic bomb of horrible job awesomeness.

However, one winner shone through, hands down.  Blake James’ winning entry is posted in its entirety below, and you can read the rest of the entries (all hilarious, by the way) here and here.  Blake will be receiving a copy of Dan Miller’s No More Mondays just as soon as it arrives on special order from Family Christian Stores (Apparently it’s not the runaway best seller I thought it was.  Special order?  Sheesh.  The good news is that FCS had plenty of copies of Daughtry’s CD on hand).  But hey – it’s still a great book, and Blake – I hope it’ll give you food for thought as you’re scraping up ripe Pampers off the Wal Mart parking lot.

I have two horrible job stories. One is my current job. The first was back in high school. I worked for a dog food company. We cooked pig ears for dogs to chew on. Before the were cooked you had to wash them in formaldehyde which burnt your eyes. It was the worst smelling job ever!!!!! Not mention the fine group of people I was working with. The second is I pick up trash and sweep parking lots now. When the truck wont pick up a dirty diaper left in a parking yours truly gets to do it. This job is not as bad the first one but it is still nasty. So, my request is for moms and dads not to throw dirty diapers in the middles of a parking lot. I mean really also if you smoke the butt in the Jesus hates it when you smoke ash tray.

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