Published: 10 years ago

Happy Blogday

Seriously. Get a wipe.Drum roll, please…

(No seriously, go ahead and rock one out on your desk.  I’ll wait.)

Today is the one year anniversary of the Connective Tissue blog.  Or birthday.  Or day of observance.  Come on, how am I supposed to know what to call it?  I stumbled on this fact quite by accident a couple of days ago, and I tell you that because I don’t want you to think that I’ve been obsessively crossing off the days on a cutesy “What to Expect the First Year on Your Blog” calendar that I keep hidden in my desk. (sample excerpt: “Three months old: The blog was so cute today!  He got his first negative comment, but responded with an equally snarky comeback.  I’m so proud of him.”)

I don’t know what to do with this one-year mark.  Do I throw confetti?  Bake the blog a cake?  Bake everybody else a cake but get the blog its own little cupcake so it can smear it all over its cyberself?  Take it to Olan Mills for 12 month photos?  I’m telling you people, I got nothin’.

It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago that this post was tossed out there for all the world to see, followed closely by death threats from friends of the Star Wars blogger.  (You’ll have to read post #2 to find out more about that.)

This is the point where I should probably say something about the fact that the success in this first year is due to you, the reader.  And while I know who some of you are, there are blogstalkers in our midst.  I couldn’t pick you out of a police lineup, but you know your identity.  You know the nights that you’ve read posts, thought about commenting, but just couldn’t reveal your true identity…much like when Peter Parker wants to tell Mary Jane that he’s really Spiderman but at the last minute is convinced that he’ll be the victim of identity theft if he fills out a WordPress profile.  Let’s make a resolution in year #2 to go public.  Won’t that be cool?

But truly, it’s been a fun year.  We’re at 218 posts, 538 comments, and a whole bunch of hits.  Thanks for making it a great first year, my peeps.  I’ll let you know when the cake is ready.

Oh yeah, and in honor of year #1, I re-vamped the “Who’s He?” page.  (If by “re-vamped” you mean added a photo and the words, “Campus Pastor.”  Yeah, it’s an extreme makeover.)  But really – go check it out, because it took about an hour of posing to get that laugh to look that natural.  No word on whether they can Photoshop my right eye open a little further.

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