Jack, Jacob, and Me

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  1. Alice says:

    I, too, have realized that my grandchildren do not seem to know what I thought I had been teaching them. We do a lot of teaching with these children. Our daughter is a great example, to me, that we taught her well. Kinda like drill sergeants but…
    So we’ve begun a new venture with the grandchildren of reading and praying with them in the more adult/ child appropriate manner. They already did a lot of things but I feel that it’s time to raise the bar. Per Jewish thought a child begins to function more as an adult at 12 (where was Jesus at 12?–the temple). So now at this birthday we begin a new season of instruction. The joy is seeing your fruit some few years from now. It cannot be topped! Do not grow weary in doing good.

  2. Jason says:

    thanks for your kind words Franks. It’s an honor to serve your family for the kingdom. I love you guys

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