Published: 10 years ago

Life At 2x Speed

My world just got rocked.

In case you’ve been living under a mushroom (or inside the depths of Entertainment Tonight, trolling for quotes from the guy who used to walk the dogs for Michael Jackson’s second grade teacher), you are aware that my BFFs over at Apple released the 3.0 update for iPhone (my BPF).

The update released on the morning I was leaving for Greece, so I didn’t chance tying up too much of the morning by downloading it.  But baby, when I stepped off that plane, I hugged my kids, took a shower, and downloaded that sucka.  

Not necessarily in that order.

Some of the updates I was expecting, like cut and paste, the new voice recorder app, and the ability to put Steve Jobs on speed dial.  But what I didn’t bargain for was a tiny square that’s now attached to all my podcasts, which will give me the ability to…

Listen to them at double speed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure how my life could get any better.  As a podcast junkie, I always have 100+ in the hopper, waiting to be listened to.  But I have trimmed that list down significantly, and made Mark Driscoll and Andy Stanley sound like Alvin & the Chipmunks in the process.

I have to admit, listening to the already-fast-talking J.D. Greear at 2x speed is a bit like tossing an auctioneer in a microwave, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Have I just set myself up for yet another level of insanity in life?  Is there something to be said for quick and efficient podcast listening, or have I banished myself to the world of constant information, but little application?  Further, will listening to Speedy Gonzalez podcasts cause me to drive even faster as I’m listening to them?

I’d answer that question for you, but I simply can’t do it at this moment.  2x J.D. is waiting.

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