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Why We Do What We Do

Below is the full text of an e-mail I received earlier this week from one of our Brier Creek AM Campus deacons, and I reprint it with his permission.  Gang, this is the whole reason the First Impressions Team exists: to intentionally design an experience that takes a guest and eliminates all distractions, thereby exposing them to the gospel.  Great job, team.  I’m proud of you!

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I just wanted to tell you what a great job I thought the 1st Impressions Team did yesterday. My Mom attended for the 2nd time and was blown away at the extra effort that went on in the rain to deliver the Summit experience. We were greeted by a parking team member going commando (no umbrella) with a smile on his face and a walkie-talkie in his hand, showing us the way to the drop-zone in front of the sanctuary.  We were then greeted (much to my Mom’s amazement) by a team of folks with umbrellas waiting to help them get my Mom, Wife and Infant out of the car under the cover of umbrella to get into Church.

Needless to say she was really impressed.  This top-shelf level of service continued all the way to our seats on the front left side of the Church.  There was a special touch of care from door to door.

We talk about the importance of showing God’s love from the moment one of the 1st Impressions Team Members sees a Summit guest.  It could not have been more evident than it was yesterday that the team has really embraced that attitude.  It is things like that that make an unbeliever scratch their head and wonder what could make someone go to all that trouble on a Sunday morning.  Hopefully this is the first of many revelations that my Mother has in wondering what is different about Christianity.  Please know that my wife and I really appreciate the dedication and service that you and our 1st Impression put forward each week.  I am honored to be a part of such an amazing Church and to see how God is moving in this place.

Many Thanks,
Blair and Aubrey Graham

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