Published: 10 years ago

My First Ever Top Ten List

(at least on this blog)

Top Ten Reasons You Should Join The First Impressions Team

From the home office in Rougemont, NC


10. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly-printed worship guides, and you’ll have stacks of ‘em.

9. Work at the First Time Guest Tent, eat your weight in free peppermints.

8. Get giddy with unlimited power as you tell people where to sit.

7. Mess with new people’s heads by telling them the Summit has moved…they’ve arrived at an Amway convention.

6. Single guy + orange parking vests + carload of single girls = better ratios than you’re used to.

5. Secret access to the highly-guarded espresso machine.

4. Moving the pipe and drape will prep you for the javelin toss in the 2012 Olympics.

3. “Church Barista” looks darn impressive on a resume’.

2. After you say, “GoodMorningWelcomeToTheSummit” a half-jillion times, your face goes numb and the second half-jillion just spills right out.

…and the number one reason to join the First Impressions Team…

1. Three words: our guests matter.

  1. Lauren Dyson says:

    Don’t let Josh know about #5. He may up and quit working with the kids if he gets access to an espresso machine!

  2. Blake James says:

    Number 6 is awesome. We really need to get those surveys ready for us to hand out.

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