Published: 10 years ago

Rock Star Parking

One of the best parts of my job is reading the feedback that we get from First Time Guests.  Our First Impressions Team is chock full of awesome volunteers who consistently deliver incredible service, and it shows in the comments I read and hear about.

A church member recently tipped me off to a blog post that described in detail one of our guest’s first visit to the Summit.  (And even though she doesn’t mention the Summit specifically, the post author confirmed that we were the church she was talking about.  And even if she was talking about another church I’d be tempted to lie and say it was us just so I could use the quote.)

Here’s what Sara had to say, quoted with her permission…

Parking attendants were nice… and helpful (actually, they were awesome- and they gave us rock- star parking!!). The greeters asked questions, didn’t apply any pressure, and showed us where to go. The coffee bar was free (this was a major stumbling block overcome. It’s a long story, don’t ask). Worship started, and while the first two songs were relatively contemporary, the third song was “How Great Thou Art”… and it won my husbands heart. Everything was loud enough for me to sing and for no one to know how tone deaf I am … and that won my heart.

Please go to Sara’s blog and read the full post here.  Remember that every single week is somebody’s first time. What are you doing to make sure that we’re making a great first impression?

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