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  1. B the Builder says:

    I think you should blog about how big Cornhole has become among Summit Staffers and how Tim Jackson has a 1st through 10th rating for different competitors.

  2. greene21 says:

    How about a feature on new staffers. There are always new people and pastors added to staff. It would be neat to have you give “a little more” on them and what they do.

    You could start with Brian Turney. He is a 10-15 hour a week intern or assistant to the intern or something like that for the design team. He goes to west club and he has a great red beard.

  3. Jeremy says:


    I’ve got a blog post idea for you: Dress of the pastoral staff.

    I know there is no mandate in the Bible nor even a suggested dress code (unless you count a robe). But, what about the angle of dressing to fit your part? When I am on the beach I dress a certain way, when I’m giving a presentation at school I dress a certain way. Now, any dress would really be allowable at either location, but what is most fitting and effective?

    I am from the old school where the pastors wear a suit and ties are more common than shorts. Again, let me stress that I know this isn’t any kind of requirement, but just a ‘norm.’ I’m comfortable with others in shorts, but should leadership take on the persona of a leader in more aspects than just being the one who wrote the message?

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