Shed the Love

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9 Responses

  1. Lauren Dyson says:

    Wow, that’s a battle I’ll probably fight in a few years. Josh has always had inside dogs and I’ve always had outside dogs. And I’m tired of cleaning up the fur that our inside/outside cat leaves behind!
    I hope to stand my ground about the outside dog, but we’ll see…

  2. I once promised to give 10% of the value of the residence in question to two friends of mine if I even own an inside dog.

    I’m sure Brent and Billy are loving that you now have fur on your carpet.

  3. B the Builder says:

    Ture, Labs shed a lot. I don’t do it often, but I have to one up you… St. Bernard. A 185 lb. St. Bernard… who thought he was a “sit on your lap on the sofa while you watch a movie” dog. So we had the “lots of shedding” combined with the “lots of drooling”… mmm, fun. He’s been gone for over 6 years now and I still find Yogi hair from time to time.

  4. OCD Superstar says:

    And THAT’S why I can never have an inside dog. The whole time I’m reading your post all I can think is “Dog hair…in the corners of rooms, in the bathrooms, in the beds, in the carpet, and probably even in your (shutter) toothbrush…it’s EVERYWHERE!” Sorry, I don’t think I’m going to make it for dinner at your place after all…

  5. amanda says:

    go buy a furminator brush for her… expensive… but it will change your life

    (this is from the girl who has TWO adult golden retrievers in her home)

  6. Ellen says:

    Danny you light up my life… hahahaha I have laughed till I have cried at your blog.. And the picture is priceless.. people I work with think you should write a book. they have cracked up at your Shed the Love…Okay!! I think the problem is the airconditioning.. maybe she thinks it is now spring instead of fall…I’m not really a doggie person either so no real expert advise here. I thought they shed their winter coats once a year. Amanda seems to have a great idea. At least you have solved the runaway problem. Oh and Melissa idea.. yep I with you… totaly gross.. throw-up

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