Published: 10 years ago

The Nines In The Can

If you’re not a church nerd, you might have missed The Nines yesterday, a free online conference sponsored by Leadership Network. The premise: dozens of leaders sharing nine minutes of their best stuff, all day long on 9.9.09.  And it started at 9:09.  Boom.

We had the conference broadcasting live here somewhere in the bowels of the Summit offices, but I never made it in there because dang it, I was busy.  As a matter of fact, I caught about nine seconds worth of material all day long, but two of the three speakers I caught were D.C. CoffeeBishop Mark Batterson and our very own Pastor J.D. Greear.

Here’s the awesome part of these two guys’ videos: they both apparently strolled down to Olan Mills for their video shoot and asked for the “Corner Bookshelf” backdrop (second in popularity only to the “Fireplace By Snowy Window” backdrop).


Great job on keeping the bookshelf alive, gentlemen.  Take that, Kindle.

Oh, and I’m officially announcing my own leadership event for next year, featuring people slightly better looking than J.D. Greear.  I’m calling it “The Tens.”  Stay tuned.

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  1. Except next year’s conference is going to be on 10/10/’10.
    You might have to crank your conference up to Eleven.

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