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Not totally sure what this says about what goes on in a Campus Pastor’s house, but I’m pretty sure some sort of counseling is going to be necessary. The following is a picture / story that my seven year old drew at school:

In The Army Now (I'm Dead)

In case you can’t make out the story, I’ll translate:

When I saw the army!  They were holding guns and soldiers.  They were wearing helmets.  Some were dead.  I was very sad.  I like seeing them.

For the record, my seven year old has never seen dead soldiers.  My older two did get their hands on a bootleg copy of Saving Private Ryan when they were seven-ish, but that’s another story and their therapy is going just fine, thank you.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay so for a second I thought he called himself jose’. So I guess there may be some violence in your germ free, purell doused home? Beeen singing “Onward Christian soldiers, matching as to war…..”

    Oh my, I’ll be singing that tune for a bit.

  2. Spence says:

    im a huge jase fan. his writing is so grounded in the real world. when is his next work coming out?

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